Lucia Zolea

Lucia Zolea is a creative chameleon; photographer, stylist, designer and vintage collector.  Lucia’s Instagram is one of our favorites, filled with beautiful imagery and vintage treasures which she sells via Her ‘vintage glamour’ aesthetic very closely resonates with us, and we have been admiring her style for a while. With this in mind, we couldn’t wait to see how she styled our Tankini Top, see below for images and our full interview with her.
What is your perfect summers day? Waking up with the sun, having a hot coffee with my love. Making breakfast together and then taking a car to the beach and spending the whole day there. Taking in the sun and sand, swimming in the ocean and repeat. Then coming home with warm skin and sleepy from the sun.
Where is your favorite place to vacation? The outer banks. I live in Virginia and usually once a year I will spend a week or so with family and friends in the outer banks. It is a beautiful stretch of the ocean and sand. It is a beautiful and grounding place to be.
What's in your beach bag? Sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, camera, water, oil, and fruits or snacks.
Pool or beach? And why? The beach. I love the experience of the beach. Hearing the waves, running in the ocean, I feel more at ease at there.
What is your favorite summertime beauty tip? Effortlessness. I love being able to take a fresh shower and let my hair air dry. I usually just apply sunscreen to my face and perfume for the day.
You have such a beautiful eye for vintage clothing, what pieces did you wear this summer?
Thank you so much! In the summertime I like to keep it very light with my clothing - I love an antique day dress with a heeled sandal and gold accessories.

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