Coco Baudelle

Coco Baudelle, model and soon to be filmmaker, is a classic beauty who takes us back to times gone by. Her looks are reminiscent of the iconic Bianca Jagger, whilst her love of headscarves, romantic Italian restaurants, and films remind us of old-Hollywood. Learning more about Coco left us inspired and set the tone for the beautiful films she is yet to make. These dreamlike polaroids of Coco in her Halter Bra and String Bottom were shot at her home in the Catskills where she escapes to most weekends.
Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I’m from Montreal, Quebec but I now live in New York.
What's your favorite restaurant in New York? Il Cantinori. It’s an old school Italian restaurant and it feels really romantic.  
Do you have a favorite weekend getaway? I have a little house in the Catskills. It’s right in the forest, I go there every weekend. The air smells so good, it’s the best.
What do you pack for a sunny vacation? A cute bikini!!! Sunscreen, of course, but I also like to apply a small amount of tanning oil because I love how beautiful it makes my skin look and it also feels a bit naughty.
What's your beauty regime while on vacation? It’s a lot more minimal than at home. I have the best travel vanity case because it’s full of mini versions of my favorite products. There’s a mini La Mer cream jar, little tubes of Sisley creams, mini nail files, mini Tiger Balm in case I go hiking and I’m feeling sore the next day, mini nail polish. I’ll use one of those creams or face oil, and always apply sunscreen after. For hair, I love using hotel products.
Do you prefer a bikini or a one piece, and why? Bikini! I’ve always loved bikinis, even the cheap ones you buy at the airport when you forget to bring your own. I always preferred a bikini to a one-piece because my body has always looked a bit childish. Small hips and breasts, small everything. So wearing a bikini makes me feel more like a woman.
Do you prefer the pool or the beach? The beach, for sure. I’m not difficult when it comes to swimming, though. Anywhere I can swim makes me happy.
Do you accessorize for a day at the beach or pool? I love wrapping my hair in cotton scarves. Before going on vacation I’ll go to fabric stores and get some really beautiful ones for really cheap!
What do you do to rest and dream? I watch a lot of movies. In the dead of winter, I love watching films set in dreamy locations, like The Beach shot on desert islands or Les Petits Mouchoirs in the south of France.
Name one of your favorite movies? Paris, Texas.

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