Courtney Coll


Courtney Coll is a model and also the founder of Potions n’ Motions. When she isn’t modeling she is often found mixing up witch hazel based face sprays or medicinal smoking blends for the wellness line. Courtney’s natural beauty combined with her alchemist abilities make a modern-day medicine woman. See below for an insight into how she spent her summer and make sure you follow her on Instagram for her grounded approach to a balanced lifestyle.  

What was your perfect summers day?

Wake up to a coffee, take a bike ride to the beach, and then come back to cook a meal with vegetables from our garden!

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Europe, because the livin’ is easy! I love the simplicity of life out there, and there is never a rushed feeling when in the city. 

What do you put in your beach bag?

Journal, sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, just kids by Patti Smith, WATER

Pool or beach? 

Beach!! more natural

What is your favorite beauty tip?

Morning Matcha with Collagen, Pine pollen, Maca, and Coconut butter

You are a model but also the creator of Potions n' Motions, a true alchemist! What is your favorite potion right now?

Rustic Roots! It is a woodsy created spray using a home-brewed witch hazel that I have created!

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