Sasha Spielberg


When Sasha Speilberg, actress and musician, first reached out to us we couldn’t wait to see her in one of our suits. We love her aesthetic, and her creative spirit and womanly beauty is the essence we hope to imbue in all of our pieces.

Sasha began the summer by launching her first solo EP as Buzzy Lee, she then traveled across the country performing under the moniker. Below we learn more about why this was her favorite way to spend the summer !

What was your perfect summers day?

Working on music all day INDOORS and then right when it cooled down stepping outside with friends.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?


What's in your beach bag?

A book, one which most likely the rest of the world is reading, Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 85, but I just googled it and apparently they make an SPF 110 so I shall be replacing the 85 today.

Pool or beach? And why?

This is interesting because if you can’t tell already, I don’t LOVE the sun. I have very very fair skin and if I try to tan I just burn and then freckle, so both remind me of being a 12-year-old and crying sandy, sunscreened tears. But I absolutely love the idea of the beach. I love being in the ocean once I’m forced in and I love the sounds of the beach once I’m forced to go.

We love Buzzy Lee! How did it feel being on tour this summer as Buzzy Lee and what is your favorite Song?

Thank you so much! I loved being on tour this summer! Honestly, to circle back to the first question, each day on tour was my perfect summers day. Driving all day in an air-conditioned car while listening to music and then getting to perform at night while it’s still warm out.

What is your favorite beauty tip for warmer weather and being on the road?

Warm weather: Sans Ceuticals lip aid and their body oil! Being on the road: Foil masks, probiotics, hotel shampoo, a perfume of your choice.

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